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The Brand

Hi, I’m Rudy Faber, the owner and creator of this webshop. I’m an illustrator who always wanted to turn my passion for art into a brand that people are able to wear or collect to display in their homes, and sell it from my own little corner of the internet. I decided to turn my existing portfolio website into a store from which I sell my own personal work on T-Shirts and Art Prints. For the future I also plan to add one of a kind original work, as well as (extremely) limited edition Designer Toys to the store.

As an artist I’ve always been kind of a Jack of all trades. Putting all my effort in one particular style and a limited amount of themes bore me. That’s why I’ve always had “artistic phases” that would be completely different in style from each other. You’ll find these different styles in my store.
Although my styles may vary a lot, certain themes are often recurring. These are themes such as tattoos, Rock ‘n Roll, influences from Japanese folklore and (pop) culture, and the golden age of the circus and burlesque theatre.

Welcome to my store, enjoy your stay and please come back anytime.



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