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Here’s an illustration that I’ve been wanting to do ever since I watched the first episode of Stranger Things on Netflix. I loved everything about this series. It’s spookyness, the endearing and quirky Dustin to total badass but cute as a button Eleven. The awesome 80s vibe and it’s geeky references. Everything is done right, making it one of the most binge-watch worthy shows appealing to middle-graders and adults looking to feed their inner-child alike.

For the illustration I wanted to cram as much references to the show as I could in there. Eleven as the main character, the boys in awe of her supernatural powers, Will trapped in the Upside Down and a hint at the luring danger that’s upon him.
I wanted to present it as an old leather bound adventure book cover with elaborate ornamental designs referring to the show as well.
I wanted to capture the kids’s likeness, but I didn’t want it to be an exact copy of the actors. I tackled this by using reference (by looking at screenshots) for the initial drawing only, then putting any reference aside for the painting process (apart from the clothing).

I believe I succeeded in what I intended to picture with this. I hope you like it as well.
If you happen to love this illustration, I made it available as art print among some other products. If you’re interested, take a look:

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