Portrait of Captain James Flint

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“There was some that was feared of Pew, and some that was feared of Flint, but Flint his own self was feared of me. Feared he was, and proud. They was the roughest crew afloat, was Flint’s; the devil himself would have been feared to go to sea with them. Well, now, I tell you, I’m not a boasting man, and you seen yourself how easy I keep company; but when I was quartermaster, lambs wasn’t the word for Flint’s old buccaneers.” – Long John Silver

It’s been only a short while ago when I discovered the tv series Black Sails that instantly turned me into a fan. The series is basically a prologue to Treasure Island, the famous fictional novel by Robert Louis Stevenson and follows the main characters of John Silver and Captain Flint along with many real historic pirates, ships and locations twenty years prior to the events of R.L. Stevenson’s novel

My love for the series Black Sails compelled me to paint a portrait of Captain Flint as portrayed by Toby Stephens in the series. I found a small screenshot online in which I found the lighting and colors in Toby’s face particularly striking and decided to use that as a reference. The result is this Alla Prima painting in oils that I painted in two successive and relatively short sessions.

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Author: Rudy Faber

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