book cover illustration: The Friday Society

A cover I did for Adrienne Kress’s novel ‘The Friday Society‘, published by Penguin Group.
The creative team eventually decided to go with a photo cover based on this illustration instead.

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  1. KatNo Gravatar says:

    I like your illustration better than the photo they ended up using. Reading the article on i09, I was prepared to buy the book without even reading the synopsis, based on your image. Yup, judging a book by its cover. After seeing the photo they went with, I actually have second thoughts. :P

  2. Robert G ColeNo Gravatar says:

    Massive misstep by the publisher!

    The photo cover makes it look like some sort of soft-core late night Cinemax film. Just not YA friendly. Your illustration captures a more youthful, fun, and innocent vibe.

    Still tempted to pick the novel up for my girls based on the synopsis but find that photo cover rather off-putting.

  3. Rudy, I used your cover in my blog post on The Friday Society. I think it’s far superior to the final cover, and as the other comments have noted, a better marketing strategy for the YA market.

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